Sikkim CM Witnesses Demonstration Of MI-172 Helicopter

In a bid to improve the Civil aviation facilities in Sikkim, Chief Minister PS Tamang on Friday witnessed the demonstration of MI-172 at Burtuk helipad in Gangtok.

A 26-seater MI-712 double-engine helicopter of Skyone Airways landed at Burtuk Helipad here this morning from Guwahati. ‘The 26 seater Helicopter will be beneficial to the public and corporates here.


It will also give security to travellers due to its double engine mechanism,’ said Tamang.

The funds for 26 seaters have been allocated in the coming budget, however, Central Govt is expected to subsidise it, he said.

The copter service will be running between Gangtok to Bagdogra and Guwahati. The plans for up-gradation of the existing Helipad are in place.

The trial run up to Namchi, South Sikkim, carried Minister for Roads Samdup Lepcha and Jacob Khaling Political Secretary to CM with four others related to Tourism Department.


The Russian designed Helicopters with carrying capacity of 24-26,3 crew and 13000kg weight are being used in the country. It will possibly stop Pawan Hans regular flights.

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