Mizoram: One Man Crusade For Cleanliness in Aizawl

Mizoram: Pu C Lianzama Distributes Brooms, Dustpans Free of Cost

Even before Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan on October 2, 2014, there was one man who understood what cleanliness is.

He understood that it is next to godliness and let the people know that keeping oneself and his surroundings clean is his moral duty.


That is Pu C Lianzama of Aizawl’s Electric Veng, who is now 86-years-old.

He makes brooms and dustpans and supply them to anyone who needs them, free of cost!

For the past several years he would sit on the street and offer his brooms and dustpan to any passer-by who needs them.

The placard he keeps nearby reads, ” Cleanliness is divine, a broom is a handy tool that keeps our locality clean, please take them if you need it”.

His is a one-man crusade for cleanliness and he is unflinching in his one-man crusade. And he does it without any hype and hoopla.

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